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(Strasbourg, c.1800) Boxwood original in the Miller Collection, Washington. Also available in ebony, following the one in the Metropolitan Museum, New York. a=420.

Bühner & Keller flute by Folkers & Powell

The Instrument

The workshop flourished in Alsace, that twilight zone between France and Germany, from c1802-c1844, making clarinets, bassoons, oboes, and flutes. The Miller Collection's example of its work is still in excellent playing condition, with excellent intonation and an easy, agile sound.

The Music

Classical music is the most suitable for this flute: it can take in stride 19th-century studies and solos, such as those of Kuhlau and Drouet, with their wide leaps and flurries of notes.

No sound sample is available for this instrument.

Order options

This flute is available as a special order only.

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