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(London, 1663-1730) Ebony original in the Oldham collection, London. a=405.

Bressan flute by Folkers & Powell

The Instrument

Bressan was born Pierre Jaillard in Bourg-en-Bresse, France, and apprenticed to a turner there, but by 1688 he had arrived in London and set up as a maker, using Bressan as his trade name. He also worked as an oboist, attending William III's visit to Holland, and made recorders and oboes as well as transverse flutes. Bressan's working dates in London are c1688-1730. The flute we copy was probably made shortly after 1700. The original embouchure has been altered, so we use that of another three-joint Bressan, in the Miller Collection, Washington DC.

The Music

Italian music was all the rage in London during Bressan's lifetime. Handel's Italian-style operas and the German and Italian flute solos published by Walsh work well on this instrument.

No sound sample is available for this instrument.

Order options

This flute is available as a special order only.

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