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(Brussels, 1672-1756) Ebony original in the Brussels Conservatory museum. a=396.

Hyacinth Rottenburgh flute by Folkers & Powell

The Instrument

According to newspaper announcements, the stamp of Johannes Hyacinthus Rottenburgh was still being used by his sons and successors some time after his death. Still, the general opinion of the Brussels example we copy is that since its proportions are so much like those of a 3-joint flute (note the long headjoint) it is probably an early 4-joint model of around 1720. This flute is exceptionally well-balanced in tone and intonation, and was a popular choice for playing early 18th-century music until we started making our Eichentopf reconstruction, which is remarkably similar only, frankly, better.

The Music

Hotteterre, Bach, Telemann.

Audio sample Audio sample

Kim Pineda, with Elisabeth Wright (harpsichord) and Elisabeth Reed (cello).
From: Compositions for Transverse Flute: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Early Music Institute Focus 944.
Time: 2:55.7 Size: 1,761,316 bytes 16 bit stereo 44.1 KHz sampling

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