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(Paris, fl. 1692-1734) Boxwood originals in Berlin and St Petersburg. a=405.

Naust flute by Folkers & Powell

The Instrument

Recent archival discoveries by Tula Giannini have shown how a single Paris workshop passed from one master to another over the course of generations. The name of Pierre Naust (c1660-1709) was well enough known that it was still being used as his workshop's trade name some time after his death, so it is not clear that he made this instrument himself. The instruments on which our model are based were probably made in the first quarter of the 18th century.

The Music

The Naust flute has a less distinctive character than the Hotteterre, Leclerc, and Rippert models.

No sound sample is available for this instrument.

Order options

This flute is available as a special order only.

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