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(Paris, fl. 1696-1716) Boxwood original in Glasgow. As the embouchure has been altered, we use information from other originals in St Moritz and Paris. a=405.

Rippert flute by Folkers & Powell

The Instrument

Rippert was described by one of his German customers in 1716 as a surly old grouch, but he was also named 15 years earlier as one of the most able makers in Paris. Several of his flutes survive, all of them in three sections, and all made to the same acoustical design. Their tone is exceptionally strong and powerful, even for early French flutes.

The Music

Rippert's bassoons were used by French players at the Italian opera in London in 1711, so there is no need to restrict the use of his flutes to French music alone. The Rippert flute works well for French and German music in the Italianate or galant style. That includes Couperin, Telemann, Handel, and Bach.

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