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(Leipzig, 1725-1805) Ebony original in St Petersburg with keys for C (left thumb), Bb (left thumb), G#, long and short F, D# and Eb (1785 system). Add a second Bb key for the right index finger (1796 system) to get the instrument for which Tromlitz's 1800 tutor The Keyed Flute was written. a=430, 435, 440. C-foot (ebony original in a private collection in Germany).

Tromlitz flute by Folkers & Powell

The Instrument

Tromlitz, the author of a 1791 flute method The Virtuoso Flute-player, was first flute of the Grosses Konzert, a prececessor of the Gewandhaus orchestra, which still plays today in Leipzig and around the world. His tutor The Keyed Flute of 1800 was written specifically to explain how to play this instrument, which Tromlitz invented and made during the 1780s and 90s. Our Tromlitz flute is scrupulously faithful to the one surviving example of this type of instrument and to Tromlitz's detailed description and instructions, which Ardal has published in English editions. Nobody who is serious about playing 18th- and early 19th-century flute music should make do with less than a Tromlitz flute: the instrument fully justifies its inventor's claims for its fine tone and excellent intonation.

The Music

The earliest well-known piece it is feasible to play on a Tromlitz flute is C.P.E. Bach's Hamburger sonata, composed in the year after Tromlitz announced the all-but-final form of his flute. The extremes of range, dynamic, and expression this piece calls for can truly be realised on a Tromlitz flute. Tromlitz's ideas about intonation parallel those of Mozart (as well as those of most educated musicians of the time), whose quartets and concertos are a perfect match with the instrument. The Tromlitz flute gives access to the music of Czerny, Beethoven, Danzi, Weber, Spohr, Drouet, Kuhlau, and the like.

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430 435 440

Key configuration

D#, Eb, Bb, G#, short F, long F, C

D#, Eb, short Bb, long Bb, G#, short F, long F, C




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