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Our renaissance flutes are made in sets of tenor and bass when playing together as a whole consort.

We also offer tenor flutes for playing alone or in a mixed consort with other instruments such as cornetts, strings, keyboards, and lutes. This kind of tenor flute has a sound with a stronger fundamental component (as opposed to the consort tenors whose spectra contain more upper harmonics) and is more suited for playing in the lowest octave.

Tenor Flutes

Claude Rafi (Lyons, d.1553). Boxwood one-piece original in the Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels.

Consort Sets

Our other renaissance flute types are made in matched sets for playing together in consort music.
Renaissance flute consort in fitted case

Each set contains five flutes:

  • a bass (lowest note G),
  • four tenor/altos (lowest note D).

. . . in a fitted hard case with a nylon outer shell and various carrying straps.

A discant (lowest note G an octave above the bass) is also available.

We make these sets in three different styles, after originals by:

  • members of the Bassano family (Venice and/or London, fl. c.1531-1658)
  • Claude Rafi (Lyons, d.1553), and
  • members of the Rauch family of Schrattenbach, Bavaria (fl. mid-15th to mid-16th centuries).

In choosing between them, bear in mind that the Rafis are large, warm-toned, and balanced toward the low register, the Bassanos are smaller, easier in the high range, and easy to articulate, and the Schrattenbachs are good all-round instruments in between these extremes.


A collection of repertoire in modern editions for renaissance flute consorts can be found at

Choosing a consort pitch

We make Renaissance flute consorts at any practical pitch level, in the same way as the makers of the period did. On each of the detail pages for Bassano, Rafi, and Schrattenbach consorts we have preset recommended options for pitch and material in the order form.

If you are concerned with historical pitch-relationships or have particular requirements you can choose from A=460, 440, 425, 415, 408, 392, and 360. Otherwise please proceed to one of the following pages:


 Bassano consort 

 Schrattenbach consort 

 Rafi consort 



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