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Technical stuff

The Folkers & Powell site is designed for version 4 browsers and above capable of interpreting tables, frames, Javascript, and cascading style sheets. It is tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5 and Netscape Navigator® 4.5. Version 3 browsers will work, but since our logs show that very few visitors are still using them, no effort has been made to make the site look good in them.The Javascript, which works well with Netscape 3.0 and above, does not do quite so well with earlier versions of Internet Explorer. The code will not work on 2.x browsers or earlier and may cause them to crash. If you are not using at least a version 4 browser we recommend you upgrade. We also recommend you use Internet Explorer rather than Netscape if you have a choice.

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The site was designed and is maintained by Ardal Powell. All feedback is welcome. I am especially interested to know about problems you have discovered, but I also like feedback of the positive kind.

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