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[The numbered bold headings in the Table of Contents refer to chapters; the indented subheadings between them are sidebars containing summaries of technical information, tables of dates, or other subsidiary discussions.]



1. Shepherds, monks, and soldiers [covers prehistory-c1475]

Medieval modes

2. The flute at war and at home [1475-c1600]

Flute and fife
Clefs and transposing
The hexachords and the renaissance flute

3. Consort and solo: the seventeenth century [1600-1700]

The Hotteterre flute: the French flute's creation myth

4. The early eighteenth century: the 'baroque' flute's golden age [1700-c1740]

Tuning systems

5. Quantz and the operatic style [1714-1780 and later]

6. The Classical flute [c1740-c1800]

The keyed flute
(Abingdon's) Hanover Square Grand Concert, 1784: Third concert (3 March 1784)
Guilds and capitalists

7. Travelling virtuosi, concert showpieces, and a new mass audience [Classical and Romantic periods]

M. Droüet's Concert (1829)

8. Flute mania [c1800-1850]

Equal temperament
Mechanical Innovations in the Flute Mania period

9. The Boehm flute [1829-c1854]

The Ring-key flute in Paris before 1837
Chronology of the Boehm flute

10. Nineteenth-century Eclecticism [c1850-c1918]

Further innovations in the Eclectic period
Dresden repertoire 1854-1929

11. The French Flute School [1790-1983 and later]

Paris Conservatoire flute professors
Flute and harp recital, Salle Chopin, Paris, 27 February 1932

12. The Flute in the age of recording [c1890-c1960]

Early recordings and musical style
British Women's Symphony Orchestra Queen's Hall concert, 22 May 1925

13. The Flute in the early music revival [c1880-1995]

14. The postmodern age [after World War 2]


References and notes

Notes and bibliographic essays :
Reference, General works
History and criticism of the flute
Notes and bibliographic essays for each chapter

[Note added 12 March 2005: A conventional bibliography in alphabetical order is posted on another page of this site.]


Extract from the Preface

Sample chapter


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