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You can explore the yellow folder icons in the navigation column at left, or go straight to a topic from the Jump Station. If you're looking for particular pieces of information use the site seach box in the navigation column. To construct more complex queries click on the word SEARCH above it on on this icon search! when you see it.

If you put items in your shopping cart click the VIEW CART link on any page to review, edit, or purchase its contents.

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This icon denotes a file in .PDF format. If you do not already have it installed, get the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This icon indicates that further information can be found in Ardal Powell's book, The Flute (Yale University Press, 2002)

Sound samples are indicated by this icon.

The Timelines are a good place to go from here. They give an overview of the flute's history and contain links to pages on particular topics.

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