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Three-joint Flutes

Flutes in three sections, with a (more or less) conical bore and one key, were in use from about 1685 to about 1720. We copy originals made in Amsterdam, London and Paris. Pitches range from a=392 to a=405. For more detail, click on a model.


  • RICHARD HAKA (Amsterdam, before 1646-1705) Boxwood original in the Ehrenfeld collection, Utrecht. The lowest note of this flute is C rather than the usual D, at a pitch of a=410.
  • Hotteterre (Berlin)
    Hotteterre (Graz)

  • MARTIN OR JACQUES HOTTETERRE (Paris, c.1700) Our standard model is a copy of the ebony Graz original, the only genuine one, in ebony or boxwood (upper picture above). We can also make a reconstruction of the lost Berlin/St Petersburg original in boxwood (lower picture above: images are not to scale). a=392.
  • Rippert

  • JEAN-JACQUES RIPPERT (Paris, fl. 1696-1716) Boxwood original in Glasgow. As the embouchure has been altered, we use information from other originals in St Moritz and Paris. a=405.

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