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Recordings: Hudson Opera House

Sound samples for the flutes described on this site come in two flavors:

  • clips from commercial recordings made by various artists on Folkers & Powell flutes (mostly baroque and classical models), and
  • recordings made specially for this web site (currently only renaissance flutes).

The second kind are made in, or using the acoustic signature of, the Hudson Opera House, an 1855 Greek Revival arts and civic center under restoration since1990 by a group of residents of Hudson, NY, USA.

Hudson Opera House

Users of Sound Forge audio editing software can download three "impulse" files containing the acoustic signature of the Opera House performance space for their own use. The impulses are made with the test tone playback equipment on stage, and the impulse recovery setup in three different positions (to download these files, right-click the links below and choose "Save target as . . ."):

Here's an MP3 example of a four-part renaissance flute consort recorded one track at a time in an acoustically dead space and then enhanced with the HOH third row impulse.

Here's another example of a solo renaissance flute recorded live in the Opera House space, with the microphone on stage and the performer standing on the main floor immediately below.

If you are a Sound Forge user and can figure out how to put these impulse .WAVs together with the photo into a .SFI file, please let us know--the manual gives no details and Sonic Foundry tech support does not answer inquiries.

Also if you live in the area and want to try making impulses in different parts of the building, or with better equipment, that would be a good idea and we'd be pleased to help.

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