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(Dresden, 1764-1813) Ebony or boxwood flute, after several originals with different key-configurations made between c1798 and c1806 . Choose from keys for: Bb (left thumb or right index finger), C (right index finger or hole for left thumb), G#, long, short or double F, lower extension to C# or C. With screw-cork. a=430, 435, 440.

H. Grenser keyed flute by Folkers & Powell

We also make an ebony or boxwood one-keyed flute based on numerous originals made after c.1798. With screw-cork. a=430, 435, 440.

H. Grenser 1-keyed flute by Folkers & Powell

We are confident that our Anonymous piccolo is also the product of Henrich Grenser's workshop.

The Instrument

Heinrich Grenser succeeded his uncle and father-in-law August in the late 1790s and kept the Grenser workshop at the forefront of European woodwind-making through the turn of the 19th century. Though Heinrich made certain changes to the design and added keys in all sorts of configurations, the basic acoustics of his instruments were still those of the mid-18th century. The great skill and care of his workmen are evident in each instrument with the H. GRENSER stamp, and until the Tromlitz flute became available in the mid-1990s, his keyed flutes were the best model for modern classical keyed flutes. We now encourage everyone who asks for a Grenser keyed flute to try a Tromlitz first.

The Music

Grenser flutes are much in favor among orchestral flutists playing Mozart (although most of the symphonies were written before this type existed), Beethoven, and the classical symphonists. Our Grenser keyed flutes can be heard on many of the recordings by British orchestras made in the past two decades.

Audio sample Audio sample

English Baroque Soloists, dir. John Eliot Gardiner
From: W. A. Mozart, Symphonies No. 40 & 41. Philips Digital Classics D174479
Time: c2 mins Size: 1644 Kbytes 16 bit stereo 44.1 KHz sampling

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430 435 440

Key configuration

D# only

D#, Bb, G#, short F, long F

D#, Bb, G#, short F, long F, C





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