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(Torino, c.1690-1783) Ebony originals in Stockholm and Frankfurt, and a boxwood original in Washington. a=415, 430, 440.

Palanca flute by Folkers & Powell

The Instrument

Palanca was a bassoonist in the Turin court ensemble as well as a maker of oboes, recorders, bassoons, and flutes. Several examples of his flutes survive: all seem to be late 18th-century examples. The Palanca flute shares many of the design characteristics of the August and Heinrich Grenser flutes; like them it prefers key signatures with sharps to those with flats, but has a more robust tone.

The Music

People use the Palanca flute for all sorts of music: it shares many of the sound characteristics of early 18th-century flutes while still providing the facility of the classical flute. Notable examples of its cosmopolitan nature are provided by Jed Wentz's recordings of Bach, Locatelli, and Handel with his ensemble Musica ad Rhenum.

No sound sample is available for this instrument.

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