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(Lyons, fl. c.1672) Cylindrical-bored keyless boxwood original in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. a=460, [440, other pitches].

Lissieu flute in boxwood, A=460

The Instrument

A certain Sieur Lissieux was mentioned as an able woodwind-instrument maker from Lyons in Borjon's musette treatise of 1672. This may have been Jean Lissieux (c1625-95), a turner originally from the same town in Normandy from which the Lot family and other French woodwind-makers came.

Only one instrument with this two-piece construction and proto-baroque turnery survives. Its high pitch seems to indicate it was meant to play with curved cornetts and voices without transposing.

The Music

This high pitch, as well as its relatively bright tone, make the flute suitable for use in a mixed consort alongside cornetts, trombones, strings, and singers. You can also order the flute at any of the other pitches listed in the order form below.

Flutes for playing flute consort music are listed elsewhere.

Order options

We are not currently accepting orders for the Lissieu flute: for high-pitch solo and mixed-consort playing we recommend our Bassano tenor flutes.

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