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Rococo Four-joint Flutes

These models do not have the great tone of true "baroque" types, but they make up for it with the charming nature that many people think is typical of all one-keyed flutes. Some players feel the rococo type of flute has an easier high register than baroque instruments, and some say that it has a weaker low register. Neither of these criticisms really applies to good baroque or rococo instruments in general--perhaps poor modern copies are responsible for the misapprehension. For more detail, click on a model.

    A. Grenser

  • AUGUST GRENSER (Dresden, 1720-1807) Boxwood and ebonyoriginals in numerous collections. Also available with additional keys for Bb, G# and F. a=415, 420, 430, 440. With screw-cork.

    Student Model

  • GODFRIDUS ADRIANUS ROTTENBURGH (Brussels, 1703-1768) Boxwood original, c1770, in the Kuÿken collection, Belgium. a=415.

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