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(Brussels, 1703-1768) Boxwood originals, c1770-1803, in Barthold Kuÿken's and other collections. With screw-cork. a=415.

Student Model flute by Folkers & Powell

The Instrument

Godfridus Adrianus Rottenburgh began working c1744, but probably not under his own name for at least his first decade in business, since in 1756, two months after the death of his father I.H. Rottenburgh, newspaper ads were still being placed under the father's trade name.The G.A. stamp continued in use after Godfridus Adrianus's death by his younger son Franciscus Josephus (1743-1803), who placed an ad to that effect in 1784. So the actual range of dates during which the G.A. Rottenburgh stamp was in use on the oboes, recorders, flutes, clarinets, and bassoons the shop made was probably c1756-1803. Though Barthold Kuÿken's Rottenburgh flute is doubtless the most copied 18th-century flute of the past 30 years, recent research suggests the type is somewhat later than a "baroque" flute. Though without the grand tone of the true baroque instruments, it is easy to play in tune and with a beautiful sound. For these reasons, and for its small hand stretch, it is a good choice for beginners. We advise everyone who comes to us for a Rottenburgh to try a Denner and a Palanca first.

The Music

We are so accustomed to hearing any and all 18th-century music played on Rottenburgh copies that nothing can be considered out of bounds. Historically speaking, the classical repertoire fits well, except that the Rottenburgh's low register lacks the power of good classical flutes.

Audio sample Audio sample

Karl Kaiser, with Camerata Köln.
From: Vivaldi: Flute Concertos Op. X. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77156-2-RC
Time: 2:10.5 Size: 1690 Kbytes 16 bit stereo 44.1 KHz sampling

The sample is also available for download as an MP3 file (6 MB), with better sound quality.

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