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Popular pitch combinations

This page lists all the instruments we make that can play at today's most usual pitch for "baroque" music (a=415), plus another useful pitch, such as the modern a=440, or the historical low chamber pitch a=392. Most of the classical flutes play at a=430 and a=440).



  • JACOB DENNER (Nürnberg, 1681-1735) Boxwood original. Other pitches are 410, and a long joint to make a flûte d'amour or a C flute at 410.

  • Lot

  • THOMAS LOT (Paris, 1708-1786) Boxwood, ebony, olivewood, tulipwood, lignum vitae, or artificial ivory flute after numerous examples from collections in Europe, America and Japan. Other pitches are 400 and 410.


    A. Grenser

  • AUGUST GRENSER (Dresden, 1720-1807) Boxwood and ebony originals in numerous collections. Other pitches are 420, 430.


  • CARLO PALANCA (Torino, c1690-1783) Ebony originals in Stockholm and Frankfurt, and a boxwood original in Washington. a=430 is also available.

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