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Guarantee and return policy

We rely on satisfied customers for our advertising--at least we did until we got a Web site : ). That means we do our best to help each player choose the instrument that will suit them best, and make sure it remains in as good a condition as when it left the workshop.

Here's our guarantee (see separate statement below for renaissance flutes):

On condition that your follow our play-in instructions and return the instrument to the workshop for a free check-up after six months, we undertake to repair or replace immediately and without charge any part of a flute that cracks or warps at any time. All you ever pay are shipping and insurance charges.

Normal maintenance such as regular oiling and periodic adjustment of the thread tenons is your responsibility. We charge for doing such work, but all other repairs and service will be provided for the original owner for an unlimited period without charge (except shipping), under the conditions of our guarantee.

Renaissance flutes

Renaissance flutes don't need to be re-reamed like baroque and classical instruments: although their construction is just as exacting and precise, the player must in any case adjust intonation with fingering and breath. One-piece tenor flutes often warp slightly, but this does not affect their playing qualities significantly. We will repair or replace, at our option, a renaissance flute that cracks, but our guarantee of these instruments does not cover warping or re-reaming.

Return policy

Once we have received payment for an instrument and delivered it, we consider it "on trial" for a period of 30 days. If for any reason--or for no reason--you are not completely satisfied with a flute you have bought from us, return it within this period for a adjustment, replacement, or a full refund, whichever you prefer.

When we have several flutes in stock, we can sometimes arrange to send more than one, and give you your choice. They can be two of the same model, or two different models: you keep one and return the other. When you have explored the rest of this site and narrowed your choice, send us e-mail and we can discuss you what is avaiable at the moment as well as what your needs are.


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