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If you've never owned a wooden flute before, here are a few things you'll need to know about taking care of it. We supply full maintenance instructions and a protective case with each new instrument, of course.

The wood needs to be oiled, inside and out, the thread windings on the tenons need adjusting occasionally, and the instrument has to be played-in for limited periods while it is new. Playing it in slowly not only reduces the risk of cracking, but helps it improve in playing qualities as it matures.

To help care for a new flute we supply full instructions for maintenance, and we are always available to give advice in case of doubt. As a condition of an exceptional lifetime guarantee, we ask to see new instruments back in the workshop after a few months of playing, to make sure they remain in the best condition. As long as this procedure has been followed, we stand behind the instrument, unconditionally and indefinitely.

If you own a Folkers & Powell flute and have questions about taking care of it, visit our Info for F&P flute owners page.


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