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Reflecting the wide variation in standard pitches in different parts of Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Folkers & Powell baroque flutes range in pitch from a=392 to a=440. The most common pitches in use in original-instrument baroque and classical performance today are a=392, 415 and 430. Many others are available. Some of the flutes offered play at only one pitch, others at several. The pitch can be altered by exchanging the middle joint (corps de rechange) for one which is longer or shorter. Besides changing the pitch, this gives the sound a different character: while some models adapt freely to this kind of change, most flutes have one area of pitch at which they feel most "right"-- though players often don't agree about which it is! It is possible to make almost any flute play quite well in tune at almost any pitch, but we have tried to resist doing this in cases where the instrument's special musical qualities would suffer. On the other hand, we can easily make the kinds of adjustments necessary for people who find that they play a little higher or lower than the average.

A separate page discusses Renaissance flute pitches.

To make it easier to find a selection of instruments at the pitch you want, our models are listed on various pages according to type and pitch. There's also a Search page to help you select flutes according to maker, pitch, or type.


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