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What's in the price?

  • A soft cloth case
  • Regular maintenance: re-reaming after about 6 months, adjustments to keys, etc.
  • A screw-cork--a simple mechanism in the head-joint for making adjustments to the position of the cork: supplied without charge (a) where it exists on the original and (b) when the flute is supplied with more than one middle joint
  • Extra middle joints for additional pitches
  • Foot-register (a telescoping adjustable foot-joint), when available, and when the flute is intended to be played at more than one pitch
  • Maintenance that is the owner's responsibility: tenon windings, oiling, repairs in case of obvious or wilful abuse
  • Shipping
  • Taxes:
    1. If you live in New York State, we have to collect sales tax at our county's rate (8.25%)
    2. If you live in any country other than the other U.S., duties and VAT (Mehrwertsteuer, GST) are payable to your government on import


 Materials and Manufacture 





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