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Choosing an instrument


Folkers & Powell flutes are modeled on prime examples by the best European flutemakers who were producing instruments between about 1530 and about 1815. The music written during this period was of many different kinds, and while some of the flutes can be used for music of more than one variety, others are more specialized and suited to a smaller range of styles. The instrument you choose will depend on what pitch or pitches you expect to play at, what kinds and periods of music you want to play, as well as aspects of your playing technique. We're happy to help with detailed advice about both the historical and practical aspects of this choice.

Critera for choosing Renaissance flutes are discussed on a separate page.


Each Folkers & Powell flute is expected to perform well not only in front of a tuning machine in the workshop, but in front of audiences for chamber music, solo or orchestral concerts. As dedicated makers who are also experienced performers, we are well equipped to judge and refine the musical qualities of our instruments.

Please feel free to consult us, whether you are a student, amateur, professional or collector, for any advice you may need to help you choose the right instrument for you. Don't worry if you are just starting out--it's a pleasure for us to help beginners find the instrument that will give them the most satisfaction! Even if you're already an experienced professional performer on an instrument that works for you, getting to know other flutes can give you insight and stimulus to explore further.


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