The Caldwell Collection of Viols

The English Viols

Rose 1584 1. Bass viol labeled John [Rose] 1584

Rose 1600 2. Bass viol attributed to John Rose c1600

Norman 1699 3. Bass viol by Barak Norman 1699

Turner 1652 4. Treble viol by William Turner 1652

The German Viols

Tielke 1680 5. Bass viol by Joachim Tielke c1680

Tielke 1691 6. Bass viol by Joachim Tielke 1691

Sellas c.1680 7. Bass viol by Georg Sellas c1680

Anon. c.1700 8. Anonymous bass viol c1700

Karpp c.1700 9. Bass viol by Gregorius Karpp c1700

Hasert 1726 10. Bass viol by Johann Hasert 1726

Anon. c.1750 11. Anonymous Bohemian bass viol c1750

Tielke 1686 12. Treble viol by Joachim Tielke 1686

The French Viols

Bertrand c.1720 13. 7-string bass viol by Nicolas Bertrand c1720

Lambert 174? 14. Bass viol by Jean-Nicolas Lambert 174?

Anon. c.1700 15. Anonymous French treble viol c1700

Salomom c.174016. Pardessus de viole by Salomon c1740

Guersan 1754 17. Pardessus de viole by Louis Guersan 1754

Guersan 1760 18. Quinton by Louis Guersan 1760

The Celli

Wachter 176? 19. Small cello by Anton Wachter c176?

Moitessier c.1810 20. Five string cello by Louis Moitessier c1820

Anon.  c.1780 21. Anonymous English baroque cello c1780

Amati c.1680 22. Cello by Nicolò Amati c1680

The Painting

Anon 1699 23. Portrait of Carl Friedrich Abel


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